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We reinvent software development for companies and engineers

MVP Factory enables companies of all sizes to build and scale top technology products, combining the best engineers and designers with artificial intelligence and access to the MVPF platform.

MVP Factory

We are a platform where the best software engineers, designers, product managers and other specialists join forces to build and scale world class products with proven entrepreneurs, companies and ourselves.

We are dedicated to re-inventing how software is built by creating an entire ecosystem with focus on remote work, artificial intelligence and the best tools and processes via our platform.

Our beliefs

  • The nature of work is changing to a flexible, distributed workforce
  • Talent is equally distributed around the world, opportunity isn’t
  • Software will mostly build itself, current tools and processes won’t exist
  • Software development departments have no place in companies that don’t have software development as their key business
  • The power of relevant networks and communities will rise

Can you envision the spirit of MVP Factory? Then join us now.

Core team

  • Victor Cazacu

    Victor Cazacu

    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Gabriel Radic

    Gabriel Radic

    Head of Product
  • Cezar Zamfir

    Cezar Zamfir

    Head of Tech
  • Simon Baldus

    Simon Baldus

  • Bianca Grizhar

    Bianca Grizhar

    Engagement Manager
  • Carl Cousin

    Carl Cousin

    Business Development
  • Antony Rozcek

    Antony Rozcek

    Business Development
  • Dripto Sinha

    Dripto Sinha

    Product Management
  • Bastien Allibert

    Bastien Allibert

    Product Management
  • Bert Stevens

    Bert Stevens

    Product Management
  • Levin Wense

    Levin Wense

    Product Management
  • Csaba Nacu

    Csaba Nacu

    UI/UX Design
  • Bogdan Soare

    Bogdan Soare

    Frontend Development
  • Victor Zamfir

    Victor Zamfir

    Backend Development
  • Join the core team

… and more

We are fortunate to work with a large network of acclaimed industry experts
that focus on areas like machine learning, IoT, security, blockchain &
ethereum, and more.

Let’s build the future together

We match your bright ideas with the best tech talent and the optimal development process. Let’s put your visions into action!