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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic many companies
are forced to go fully remote over night.

Find our learnings from 3 years working remote in our
Playbooks below or get in touch if you want to discuss
implementing remote best practices for your teams.

At MVPF, we understand the challenge of working remotely

We know the hurdles in shifting to remote-work, particularly for larger businesses with well-established processes. At MVPF, we’ve tried & tested many approaches, consistently striving to improve & evolve our practice.

  • 150+ remote projects completed
  • 50% of team is remote
  • Working with 50+ remote talents per month
  • Remote-friendly since MVPF’s launch in 2016

Find our compiled learnings below, summarised in two useful resources – one for business leaders, and one for employees.

How we can help you:
If you need support in making the shift or just want to discuss best-practices with one of us we are here to help! Examples of topics we’ve covered in the past:

  • Selecting the right tool stack while staying compliant with DSGVO and IT security guidelines.
  • Setting up processes for efficient distributed product and dev teams.
  • Holding engaging remote workshops and ideation sessions.
  • Monitoring culture, team performance and happiness.
Our condensed learnings

MVPF Remote Work Playbooks:

Find our key learnings below – two guides covering advice for both business leaders and employees to future-proof your productivity

  • Employer’s Remote Work

    A compilation of all the key topics you'll need to consider in driving a productive, remote workforce without losing your company culture.

    Download Playbook
  • Individual’s Remote Work

    What you and your co-workers can do: Learn more about how to stay connected, efficient and find balance as a remote worker.

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There are billion dollar tech companies - without an office. You can do it too.

Remote Toolbox

Working from home Toolbox

A curated list of helpful resources compiled from MVP Factory in the hope
of sharing our knowledge.

State of Remote

Remote solves developers greatest
productivity killers

Source: stackoverflow ‘Greatest Challenges to Productivity’

  • 41.8%Distracting work environment
  • 36.6%Meetings
  • 36.5%Being tasked with non-development work
  • 33.6%Not enough people for the workload
  • 26.6%Lack of support from management
  • 21.1%Inadequate access to necessary tools
  • 20.8%Toxic work environment
  • 20.5%Time spent commuting
  • 19.9%Non-work commitments (parenting, school work, hobbies, etc.)
Our initiative to support a group greatly affected by COVID-19: Tech4Artists

The COVID-19 pandemic hits hard on the group of people filling the Berlin club scene with life and music – artists. Almost all DJs are faced with cancelled bookings for the coming months due to closure of all clubs. Many have no perspective of income in the next months.

As a Berlin based company – and with some of us being close to artists ourselves – we see it as our duty to support artists find other ways of income in these testing times.

With this initiative our goal is to connect artists affected by this with local companies for projects or short-term / part-time engagements.

8 Reasons Why

The Future of Work is Remote

Remote and freelance work has more advantages than just bridging the digital talent gap.


  • 👍 Increased diversity

    • Diverse teams rank higher on innovation

  • 🧑‍💻 The ideal employee

    • Strong growth mindsets
    • More experience at same age
    • More service oriented

  • 💰 Lower recruiting costs

    • FTEs avg. tenure 2 years in top tech companies.
    • Relative recruiting time vs employee lifetime increasing.

  • 🧠 Breadth of knowledge

    • Cover more technology expertise than you could in-house with a larger talent pool.

Remote Employees

  • 👍 Style of work

    • More agile approaches
    • More transparency and accountability
    • More self-reliant

  • ⚡Raised Productivity

    • 13 % more output
    • 33% more engaged
    (productivity boost)

  • 💰 Lower spending

    • Up to $10,000 less facility costs per employee in a year.
    • 8% lower salary costs

  • ⭐ Reduced attrition

    • 50% lower turnover,
    • 90% of remote workers want to stay remote for rest of career.
    • Fewer sick days!

Latest from our blog on remote work:

— Mathilda Blume

The Future of Work will not come, unless we enable it - this is what we are convinced of at MVPF. In the time of the Covid19 coronavirus the relevancy of this topic is unprecedented, and gives an advantage for companies to make a step towards living the Future of Work that should not come to an end once the virus does. At MVPF, we believe that geography is one of the greatest limitations to innovation and growth. In a trend ...Read full article

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