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Starting new ventures means dealing with a lot of uncertainty.
Nice to know that there is someone you can count on.


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Our highly optimized development platform gets you higher quality with
lower costs than anywhere else – a simply better experience.

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  • Category
  • Web
  • iOS
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    • 0k / 0mo
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    • 0k / 0mo
    • Messaging

      Chat tools like WhatsApp, iMesssage

    • 0k / 0mo
    • 0k / 0mo
    • 0k / 0mo
    • Bookmarking, Publishing

      Digg, Reddit, Medium

    • 0k / 0mo
    • 0k / 0mo
    • 0k / 0mo
    • 0k / 0mo
    • 0k / 0mo
    • 0k / 0mo
    • Marketplace, E-Commerce

      Ebay, Amazon, Airbnb

    • 0k / 0mo
    • 0k / 0mo
    • 0k / 0mo
    • Food Delivery

      Foodora, Deliveroo

    • 0k / 0mo
    • 0k / 0mo
    • 0k / 0mo
    • Local Directory

      TripAdvisor, Yelp

    • 0k / 0mo
    • 0k / 0mo
    • 0k / 0mo

All of the above estimates are solely informative and are based on previously built MVPF projects taking into account only the core features.


No surprises – our transparent pricing includes all project costs.

  • PM & QA included

    PM and QA are included in all offers, we send. A-grade product management and software testing experience by your side.

  • No overheads

    All costs included - you don't have to provide an office, pay for tech equipment, onboarding, training or team events.

  • No recruiting fee

    No need for you to invest in costly sourcing of developers and pay headhunters absurd recruiting fees.

  • No funny games

    We understand your product will be changing during the process. There will be room for adoptions at no cost.

How we price your project

We love to do fixed price projects with you – if you want more room
for experimentation, there is a second option.

  • Fixed scope

    You know exactly what you want to build - we give you a first upfront estimate, which might be slightly adjusted after the first milestone of your projects - the scoping. From there we guarantee development at fixed price.

  • Retainer

    You are not 100% sure about the final outcome? You would like to have more room for experiments, try out different approaches and test things out? No problem, let’s work on a dedicated monthly budget.

Built by MVPF

We completed over 40 projects from banking apps over
AI-powered travel booking to real-estate SaaS.

  • Data Processing Platform

    A data processing platform for a multinational finance enterprise

    • Price830k
    • Calendar24 weeks
    • Users7
  • Pricing Documentation Tool

    For cross-border transfer of goods and services

    • Price103k
    • Calendar20 weeks
    • Users2
  • Mobile pre-ordering App

    iOS pre-order and pickup app for the restaurant of the future

    • Price54k
    • Calendar12 weeks
    • Users4
Let’s build the future together

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