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products with great potential side by side with peers.

On top of the usual project-based income, we offer multiple other incentives such as equity opportunities, revenue sharing and referral fees.

  • Top project-based earnings Top project-based earnings
  • Flexible remote work Flexible remote work
  • Build with people of your own level Build with people of your own level
  • Earn MVPF Royalties Earn MVPF Royalties
  • Equity opportunities Equity opportunities
Join MVP Factory's elites

Join as a Team or as a Company

Not available? Refer a friend and get 500€ in cash if we start building together.

Who is it for


Both full-time and part-time freelancers are welcome to join. We build products of all sorts, so finding a match will be easy.

Join as Freelancer

Development Teams

We work with existing teams too, ranging from small freelance teams to small-medium development or design studios.

Join as a Team

Startup Teams

Works great if you’re looking for extra income while still being flexible enough to focus on your own product.

Join as a Team

Most wanted

MVP Factory is building state-of-the-art digital products. We’re looking for highly skilled collaborators to plan, design, build, manage and test them.

  • Software

    Regardless of the technology stack you use

  • Data Science
    & AI

    With strong focus on NLP and ML

  • UI/UX

    Detail oriented UI and UX for mobile and web

  • Product

    Lead an agile remote or local engineering team

  • Quality

    Making sure that we build and ship reliable products

We also have projects that require skills like:
Motion Graphics, 3D, Audio/Video, Copywriting, and others.
Feel free to sign up regardless of your core skill.


No worries! We keep your profile private and will not disclose any personal information without your consent.

Process overview

  • Apply

    Send in your Application

    We are going to review it and get back to you in no time.

  • Personal Interview

    Personal Interview

    We are going to have a 2 way Q&A and get to know each other.

  • Assignment

    Technical Evaluation

    We are going to test you technical knowledge. This can consist of an assignment or a code review.

  • Technical Interview

    Discussing your Assingment

    In a second interview we are going to discuss your assingment and test your technical expertise.

  • Join Community

    Get started!

    Complete our onboarding process, become a member of the MVPF Community and start working on first projects.

How Payments work

Classic Model

It’s the usual process that you’re already familiar with:

  • Sign up and get approved to take part in projects
  • Build by yourself or as part of a team
  • Mind the guidelines
  • Receive monthly payments
Find out more about the classic model here or over a call after you signup.


A developer-oriented method through which you earn passive income every time MVPF uses a piece of software built by you.

  • Build Reusable Software

    Earn up to 70% of the project price, depending on size, if we reuse your software.

  • Refer Friends

    We pay you 500€ if your friend starts building with us.

  • Become a Technology Partner

    Review code, consult on specific topics, assist at interviews and others.

Find out more about royalties model here or over a call after you signup.

Common questions

  • You can join a project via a Private Invite from an MVPF Product Consultant or apply to a Public Project posted to all members and assigned to the person who claims it first.

    Private Invites are sent based on skill set, availability, and date of joining MVPF.

  • The waiting time for starting your first project is usually very short, but sometimes it can take a couple of weeks.

    During summer or winter holidays, new projects may take a little longer to start.

  • Our goal is to have no gaps between projects. If a gap does occur, we cover it in a matter of weeks.

    New projects are always assigned to Elites as they complete – or are about to complete – an assignment.

  • We do two types of projects:


    Retainer projects are typically projects with work-in-progress specifications and with a very iterative development dynamic.

    • Monthly payments of a fixed amount, based on the current Tier
    • Full time or part time involvement
    • Part of a larger SCRUM team


    Milestone projects are defined to the point where a list of features can be lined out and estimated.

    • A project has one or more milestones per position (e.g. Frontend, Backend, etc)
    • Milestones are defined and estimated by MVPF prior to project kick-off
    • Each milestone has a list of features, a deadline and a fixed amount attached to it
    • Upon completion, milestones are reviewed by the project’s PM and Tech Lead
    • Payments are triggered immediately after the review acceptance, irrelevant of the time it took to be completed

    The average project length at MVPF, regardless of type, is 4 months from kickoff to handover.

  • We have a gamified earnings system (we call it TABBS) designed to fairly compensate everyone based on performance and quality of collaboration.

    TABBS comes from Tiers, Add-ons, Bonuses, Bounties and Score.


    • Everyone in MVPF has a Score. Think about it as the health measure for our collaboration.
    • The Score represents overall your performance (On-boarding, Reviews, Bounties redeemed) and the quality of collaboration with your project teams (360 Feedbacks).


    • After the on-boarding phase all Elites are assigned a Tier based on the interview Score.
    • We have 4 tiers in total. The represent a base pay for every 20 worked days (why every 20 days? – because we don’t have projects smaller than 20 days and because day rates are for lawyers).
    • You advance in Tier levels based on 360 project feedback


    Add-ons are project-specific and act as multipliers to the Tier (e.g. +15%, etc).
    Most projects has one or ore Add-ons and account for difficulty, length and other particularities.


    Bonuses are awarded at the end of projects if certain events are triggered, such as finishing ahead of time or building items from the “nice to have” list.


    Bounties are earnings for actions such as Elite referrals, interviews, code reviews, platform development assistance and more.

    Total Project Earnings

    The total earnings for a project are simply calculated like this: Project Length x (Tier + Add-ons) + Bonus