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Build products with great potential
side by side with inspiring peers

On top of the usual project-based income, we offer multiple other incentives
such as equity opportunities, revenue sharing and referral fees.

  • Top project-based earnings
  • Flexible, remote work
  • Projects worth building
  • People of your own level

Who is it for

MVP Factory is building state-of-the-art digital products. We’re looking for
highly skilled collaborators to plan, design, build, manage and test them.

  • Software Engineers

    Regardless of the tech stack
    you use

  • Data science & AI

    With strong focus on
    NLP and ML

  • UI/UX Designers

    Detail-oriented UI and UX for
    web and mobile

  • QA Engineers

    Make sure we ship reliable

  • Product Managers

    Lead an agile, remote
    engineering team

  • R&D Hackers

    Blockchain, Serverless, Cybersecurity,
    IoT and more

We also have projects that require skills like
Motion Graphics, 3D, Audio/Video, Copywriting, and more.

Feel free to sign up regardless of your core skill.


No worries! We keep your profile private and will not disclose any personal information without your consent.

Reasons to work with MVP Factory

Welcome to the Future of Work.

  • Work from wherever – whenever
  • Interesting & diverse projects
  • Work with and learn from the best
  • You do your magic – we cover everything else
  • No body-leasing! Projects are managed by MVPF
  • Awesome perks, events, meet-ups and more
  • Constant flow of interesting projects to work on
  • Gamified earnings to keep you motivated
  • I love the flexibility of working with MVP Factory. The diversity of projects to work on keeps me focused and constantly learning new technologies. Being with MVPF never gets boring.

    Silviu S. Developer
  • Almost 2 years with MVP Factory have been the best in my professional career. I’ve worked with very skilled people, new technologies on each new project and reached a stable and really good financial situation. - Try MVP Factory! It will be worth it!

    Mihai S. QA
  • Your coworkers are ones of the best developers you can think of, you can work from anywhere and every project really values creative thinking, open communication and a flat hierarchy.

    Andrei R. Developer
  • I love the flexibility and stability while always working on new challenges projects using the latest technologies instead of having to deal with legacy systems.

    Matei M. Developer
  • Well managed projects with no client stress keep me flexible, so I can perfectly focus on putting my core skills to work and grow personally and professionally.

    Alex A. Developer
  • I like flexible while working on projects and love the perfect management approach. A wide variety of nice projects with cool technologies never gets me bored.

    Marius R. Developer
  • Great autonomy in working on projects. There is a great diversity in project challenges and team members and you can always count on consistency in processes.

    Andrei R. Developer
  • Hands down the best way of doing freelance. Professional team. Organized. No surprises.

    Alex T. Developer

How it works

Sign-up, complete our interview process and start working on exciting projects –
here’s a quick guide to working with MVPF.

we work

  • We only work remotely
  • We work project based
  • We do SCRUM with 2 week sprints (mostly)
  • Most projects have pre-set events (e.g. sprint planning, daily standup)
  • All projects have a Product Manager and a Tech Lead


  • Never block your teammates
  • Be available on Slack to answer questions
  • Always announce when you are not available for longer periods
  • Communicate with your team
  • If something is unclear, always ask
  • Be nice to your team and your team will be nice to you
  • Give and accept honest feedback
  • Be helpful
  • Send in your application

    We are going to review it and get back to you in no time.

  • Personal interview

    We are going to have a 2-way Q&A and get to know each other.

  • Technical evaluation

    We are going to test your technical knowledge in an assignment.

  • Discussing your assingment

    In a 2nd interview we are going to discuss your assignment and test your technical expertise.

  • Get

    Complete our onboarding process, become a member of the MVPF Community and start working on first projects.

Clients and projects

Help us build world-class digital projects users will love – across a wide variety
of different industries and technologies.


  • Travel

Voya is an all-in-one business mobile travel solution, which employs Machine Learning and NLP to combine a personal service and AI to instantly create custom travel options - all through a chat interface. Via its web dashboard, managers are able to grant permission, monitor and review bookings.

  • Calendar32 weeks
  • Users11 people

MVP Factory has established itself as our trusted tech partner. They have supported us from first MVP till fully featured product and I am very happy to know that I can count on their flexibility and speed in the future.

Maximilian Lober
  • Scoping
    2 weeks
  • Design
    4 weeks
  • Development
    14 weeks
  • Testing
    3 weeks
  • Maintenance
    7 weeks

Lab Tech

  • Real Estate

Lab Tech is a London Stock Exchange listed company focused on real estate, co-working and technology. The company has a long history of investments in winning products and businesses. We’ve been involved in the development of the new website.

  • Calendar10 weeks
  • Users3 people

Very professional team of developers, exceeded expectations time and time again. Already looking forward to a next project with MVPF.

Georg Bucher
Former Board Member
  • Scoping
    1 week
  • Design
    2 weeks
  • Development
    6 weeks
  • Testing
    1 week
  • Maintenance