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How we helped VERIMI to build a digital identity service.


With continuously increasing data protection regulation, companies and public institutions are compelled to provide solutions that are regulatory compliant while at the same reaping value from the data to provide better services. From a customer perspective, it becomes increasingly important to manage ones digital identity and use online services in a smooth, easy-to-use way, without the need to register for every service.

VERIMI is challenging the status quo by linking large players like Deutsche Bank, Lufthansa, Axel Springer and more, creating networks of companies who provide a single sign-on and identification solution for their customers.


In their ambitions to create a user-friendly and visually appealing solution they contacted MVP Factory for UI/UX design and development. MVP Factory conducted various design sprint workshops to fine tune VERIMI’s public pages and app designs.

After the completion of the design on-boarding, MVPF’s engagement manager set up two work streams – both managed by a senior product manager in order to accelerate speed to meet tight launch deadlines.

Our process
  • Scoping
    3 weeks
  • Design
  • Development
  • Iteration

Besides the ongoing retainer, MVPF was asked to accompany Go-Live events with DevOps and provided various automated as well as manual penetration test, to safeguard zero tolerance with regards to system vulnerabilities.


  • Internet Services


Tech used

Drupal, Node.js, Vue.js, MongoDB, PHP, HTML, SCSS


  • Calendarongoing
  • People8

Capabilities used

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