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How we built a snapshot sharing assistant used by 450.000 graphic designers.


Taking a lot of screenshots for presentations or product management? You want to keep your screenshots of your desktop?

With an ever-increasing rate of remote workforce and virtual workplaces, especially with regards to digital product development the use of screenshots has never been more important for design collaboration, product management or consulting presentations (e.g.).

MVP Factory Elites were fed up with non-existent user-friendly screenshot management solutions and tackled the problem by requesting some project off-time off to develop MVPF’s first own digital product.


MVP Factory’s management decided to assemble a dedicated team to develop Snappy from scratch. The team established the branding, go-to-market strategy and up to today performs ongoing development to ensure stability at scale.

Our process
  • Scoping
    2 weeks
  • Design
    4 weeks
  • Development

Snappy is a productivity tool available on all Apple devices, designed to simplify the way people work with snapshots. Snappy allows users to annotate, resize and collect as well as organize snapshots in one single place. Snaps sync across devices and can be shared via a unique protected URL.

  • It's the perfect sticky note app for screen shots, web page previews and more. I use it all the time, especially when I am writing about something that is time sensitive.


The service has currently 50.000 monthly active users, ranging from senior UX designers to PM’s of Silicon Valley household names like Airbnb, or UBER (e.g.).


  • SaaS

Tech used

Objective-C, Java, React, Node.js, .NET, C#, MySQL


  • Calendarongoing
  • People5

Capabilities used

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