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How we helped REDI to launch a click & collect cashless food ordering app.


Consumer expectations for a seamless ordering experience have heightened in the past few years. Thus more and more click & collect solutions entered the market especially in the fashion retail space. The founders of Redi saw an opportunity here to apply this solution to London’s gastronomy industry, by changing the way people order takeaway.

Customers browse, select, pay and collect food and beverage takeaway from leading restaurants and cafes within their immediate vicinity. While being able to provide digital loyalty points instead of ten for one paper cards.

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    Max Mayer
    Max Mayer

Restaurants enjoy additional revenue and are able to process more orders in less time.


The Redi founders saw rising competition in other markets and needed to execute fast to maintain their first mover position within London.

MVP Factory assembled a full stack team within 2 weeks, developed the beta with 2 months and assisted the launch 90 days after the development kick off.

Our process
  • Scoping
    2 weeks
  • Design
    1 week
  • Development
    10 weeks
  • Testing
    2 weeks
  • Handover
    1 week

After a successful proof of concept, MVP Factory developed various prototypes for user testing and subsequently assisted in profound product decisions regarding the admin and merchant backends.

Ongoing maintenance of the live product was provided until Redi’s seed round was closed.


  • Food


Tech used

Angular, Java, AWS, MySQL, JavaScript, React Native


  • Calendar16 weeks
  • People5 people

Capabilities used

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